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Automate your inventory & compliance data.

Parsl is the new solution that makes your business more efficient, collecting all the data you need as you work.


We offer everything you need to automate your inventory compliance.

Full Metrc intergration

We know that no cannabusiness can operate in California without being in line with Metrc. We collate everything you need to stay Metrc compliant.

Automated inventory records

By tracking inventory on an item-by-item basis, Parsl is able to automatically generate and submit all of the data cannabis businesses are required to collect.

Item-level product tracking

Parsl is the only inventory management software for the cannabis industry that delivers inventory accountability on an itemized level, eliminating the need for regular manual blind counts and other tasks that suck time and resources away from your operations.

Cloud based solution

Parsl is a cloud-based software solution, significantly reducing costs and facilitating scalability for your business.


Our SmartTags offer unbeatable inventory record-keeping.

Parsl embeds a products individual history in the product itself, using SmartTags that can be scanned by anyone with a modern Smartphone.

This means that all information about a product goes with it wherever it goes, whether within a single business’s operation or across the entire supply-chain


Start using Parsl for free.

Parsl’s basic plan is free for any business type forever!

We will even send you 1,000 free SmartTags to get you started, so you can experience the full power of Parsl in your business right from the start.


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