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Transparency doesn’t end at the cash register

Cannabis legalization around the world is moving really fast, but there is a huge problem with most of the current seed-to-sale tracking systems — they stop at the cash register.

While business owners need to use seed-to-sale tracking in order to demonstrate compliance with rapidly changing laws, that isn’t enough. Cannabis industry business owners deserve insights and data from their customers and industry consumers at large. Cannabis patients and recreational users deserve easy and secure access to all the information about their cannabis products from every step along the way. 

Parsl solves this by extending the seed-to-sale tracking system to the consumer’s mobile phone.

The Parsl SmartTag is how we will connect the cannabis industry

From seed….

The Parsl SmartTag will be part of your cannabis products journey from seed to sale, delivering information about every step of the way 

From the moment the cannabis seeds are first planted, the SmartTag will track exposure to UV rays, heat, and other environmental elements. All the information about the seeds grow process and environment will be recorded, up to and including the harvest.

…to the lab…

The SmartTag will then follow the cannabis to the lab, where every single test result and test method will be securely recorded and verified on the blockchain.

Leveraging the immutable nature of the blockchain lends legitimacy to the lab testing results, shows which labs are using high-quality testing methods, and enables consumers to access this information safely and securely. 

… through the manufacturing process…

Cannabis that has been harvested and processed with Parsl SmartTags have a verified and immutable record of everything that is done to turn it into the product a customer then buys.

Regardless of whether that product is CBD oil, edibles or even just dried flowers, each product will have every step recorded on their unique SmartTag, giving everyone greater insight into the products in the cannabis supply chain.

..while it is being shipped and transported…

Seed-to-sale tracking is a complicated process that can break down in many ways. Parsl’s SmartTag and smart packaging enable inventory management that is powered by the simple tap of a mobile phone or other device.

Secure handover of a physical product is assured when every movement is accurately recorded for your cannabis product at every step of the supply chain. This makes compliance and ensuring product legitimacy both streamlined and straight-forward.

… onto the shelves….

The SmartTag follows the product’s journey to a dispensary, where it’s ready for sale.

With all the relevant information about a product on it’s unique Parsl SmartTag, inventory and compliance headaches are no longer an issue. A simple tap ensures every transaction complies with KYCC or anti-money laundering regulations in any legal jurisdiction.

…and into a consumer’s hands.

Parsl’s SmartTag continues to track and provide relevant and verified information to everyone on the supply chain all the way through, including the medical patient or adult use consumer. You can easily research and access the cannabis products that best suit your needs, right in the Parsl mobile app. 

And so can everyone else in the supply chain. Growers can see where their plants ended up and in what form. Distributors can be aware of demand trends and locations. Stores can see what’s available and what their consumers want. And all of this data is secure, verified, and immutable.

All of the above is collected and recorded using blockchain technology

This allows for the whole system to be run in a way that the information is not in the control of any one organisation, combating a single-point of failure problem

It also means that no information written to the blockchain can ever be changed meaning no actors in the supply-chain can cover-up any bad behaviour

And finally it allows all the information to be transparent to keep everyone accountable for how they act within the supply-chain

One little tag can have a big impact

With all that information at its disposal this little tag can be a powerful influence in the cannabis industry.

It can automate the compliance process, pay cannabis related taxes in real time, educate consumers on the products they are buying, give businesses data to make smarter business decisions and much much more.

Parsl is a cannabis seed-to-sale system that is focusing on bringing value to the industry