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Automated cannabis compliance tracking

Parsl is the solution for over regulation in the cannabis industry


Learn how Parsl can unlock the potential of the cannabis industry for your business.

Item-level cannabis tracking

Parsl is the only compliance software that provides you item-level tracking of your cannabis products. By using our SmartTags on every product in your inventory you automatically collect all the information required to keep your cannabis business compliant and give you itemised product information for your entire inventory

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Parsl’s Key Features

Automated Inventory

Parsl works by embedding a product’s history in the product itself using the Parsl SmartTag. This allows any cannabis business to build inventory records that provide an item level product history.

Automated Cannabis Compliance

By tracking inventory on an item-by-item basis, Parsl is able to automatically generate and submit all of the data cannabis businesses are required to collect for state regulators like Metrc, MJ Freeway, and Biotrack.

Cloud Based Software

Parsl is a cloud based software solution, significantly reducing costs and facilitating scalability for your cannabis business.

Itemized product tracking

Parsl is the only cannabis inventory management software that delivers inventory accountability on an itemised level eliminating the need for regular manual blind counts and other tasks that suck time and resources away from your operations.


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What our customers think

What our customers think

Parsl’s ability to be able to track to the highest level of precision really means that we can understand how we operate as a business in a way that was previously not possible. It’s the first system I’ve ever seen that actually deals with problems and mistakes rather than pushing them down the line to the next sucker. Compliance for the first time stops becoming a suck on time, money and resources and instead becomes something that delivers business changing insights on how to grow and scale with an unparalleled level of efficiency.
Michael Patterson
US Cannabbis Pharmaceuticals
With the integration capabilities of Parsl, inventory intake and management has gone from a long, multi-stepped process to clicking a few buttons and allocating Smart Tags, saving time and energy for the whole team. The ability of inventory to be counted on either an Android or an iPhone makes mandated inventory counts as easy as the press of a button. As an inventory manager, I could go on and on about the ways Parsl has made inventory management and control easier and so much more efficient. Very highly recommended!
Sharna Weaver
Pineapple Express


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