Making life easier for cannabis businesses.

This one app will simplify the hard parts of running your cannabis business so you can focus on growth

The industry's best solution in

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Parsl saves cannabis businesses time and money, because we do things a little differently.

Itemized tracking

Every product in your inventory is tracked through it’s unique ID, not just on a batch level.

Data collection

When every item is tracked, you have unmatchable insights into your inventory

Individual product history

Depending on when the item entered the Parsl ecosystem, you could have insights all the way back to when the seed was planted.

Parsl SmartTags are an industry first

Our SmartTags will give your cannabis business powerful item-level inventory tracking.

They will record a full history of every product from seed-to-sale.

Easy to set up. Easy to use.

Match up Parsl to the way your business already runs

Parsl integrates into your business, not the other way around. Your business operations only change if/when you decide.

The Parsl system is flexible so you can digitally recreate all the important parts of your business in just a few minutes.

Operate everything from the phone in your pocket

When we say we want to make things easier for cannabis businesses, we mean it!

Run your business from the phone in your hand, using an app that is so simple and straightforward anyone can do it.

A modern smartphone and roll of Parsl SmartTags are all you need to start tracking your inventory today.

Anyone can learn to use Parsl in a few hours.

This is because we have designed our app to only show relevant actions whenever a user scans a product.

Your employees will only see the options that apply to their role, and the actions that apply to the product they are scanning.

We are here to support you.

If anything doesn’t make sense, the Parsl team is here to help!

We have an extensive catalog of help articles and a support team that is on call 24/7 to answer your questions.

Happy Customers? We have a few…

How Parsl makes it easier for your cannabis business

Save money with inventory management

Cannabis businesses can save tens of thousands of dollars every single year through more effective (and easier) inventory management

Effective (and legal) marketing to grow your business

Targeted behavior and demographic-based marketing that focuses on customers who have interacted with your products

Protect your brand with product authentication

Empower your customers to verify their product purchases and protect your brand from counterfeits and related issues

Easy to use point of sale

Opt for a modern point of sale designed with the cannabis industry in mind, that seamlessly leverages the power of the entire Parsl system