About Parsl

What is Parsl?

Parsl is the track-and-trace technology for the future of the cannabis industry.
Keeping track of the movement of cannabis products and their related financial activity is one of the key parts of any legal cannabis eco-system.
Tracking cannabis from seed-to-sale is crucial to regulating the industry and ensuring bad actors are kept out.
The difference Parsl offers is a system that actually delivers value to everyone involved in the cannabis supply chain.
Current state-mandated tracking systems are time-consuming, manual, complicated and often unreliable. Most businesses see the compliance process as something they have to do rather than anything beneficial. It costs them time and money, adding costs to their operations, making it harder for them to compete with parallel black market products.
Parsl is a platform that combines blockchain, NFC and IoT to create a track and trace technology that not only automates compliance efficiently and accurately but offers a range of tangible business benefits for every stage of the cannabis supply chain.
Parsl can be used to enhance the operation of a state-mandated system or it can be used as a stand alone cannabis ecosystem of its own. It provides value whether it is being used by a single cannabis business or an entire supply chain.
This model will become the global standard of the cannabis industry sooner or later. The industry needs a system that is lightweight and intuitive while remaining secure, transparent and immutable.
It also needs a system that cannabis businesses want to use because of the value it brings them, regardless of what is mandated by regulators.
This is exactly what Parsl delivers.