Parsl for academics

Valuable data for cannabis researchers


Parsl collects valuable data that can be utilized by academics to carry out effective and result driven research into cannabis and the cannabis industry. 

Parsl’s ecosystem gives academics a powerful tool for utilizing verifiable data to measure the use of cannabis and study the impact of its use. Our technology collects data on the entire legal cannabis process, this provides academics with verifiable data on cannabis growers, dispensaries, processors, distributors, customers and patients.

Key benefits for cannabis researchers and academics

Verifiable data

As all of our data is collected and put onto blockchain technology, it is completely verifiable which means researchers can trust the results they receive from labs and collect valuable feedback from users.

They can then use that information to inform their research into the legal cannabis industry.

Access to granular data on chemical profiles

All good research is fueled by broad and extensive data. Through Parsl, academics have access to granular detail on the chemical profiles of different cannabis plants and products, which has been collected directly from lab tests.

Meaningful definition of cannabis strains

Currently the understanding of different cannabis strains and their specifics benefits as medicine is not well understood. Parsl gives researchers the ability to carry out analytics on the chemical profiles of different strains.

Securely record results

Securely record the results of how cannabis affected the subjects studied.

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