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31 Oct
What our president in North America has been up to

While out core team is working to bring the Parsl product to market, our president in North America, Mark Crandell, has been quite busy over recent weeks making connections and meeting with important figures to let Parsl hit the ground running when we officially launch.  Meeting with the Nevada State Treasurer for the “Closed-Loop Marijuana...

10 Oct
Parsl Attends the Quantum Technology Conference in Boston!

Parsl recently attended the Quantum Technology Conference in Boston, Massachusetts to speak all things quantum computing.  Now, some of you may be wondering what this actually has to do with Parsl and our technology. Well, because Parsl utilizes blockchain technology, it could have a lot to do with not only our technology but also the...

24 Sep
Parsl attends the Cannabis Dealmakers Summit in Dallas, Texas!

Parsl recently attended the Cannabis Dealmakers Summit in Dallas, Texas, and it was a great success! Being surrounded by so many passionate and inspiring individuals has left the team at Parsl incredibly excited to be a part of an industry with so much talent and potential. We did not waste a second of our time...

17 Sep
Parsl Takes on America: An Update From the CEO

After another successful trip across America for the Parsl team, expect to see some very exciting announcements and content coming your way! We left feeling incredibly inspired by the connections we made with innovative figures in the industry and are excited to share these with you in the near future. We also attended some pretty...

16 Aug
WORBLI brings a fast, compliant and secure service to Parsl’s platform

The Parsl team is excited to announce that we will be joining the WORBLI network to integrate their compliant and secure services within the Parsl ecosystem.  WORBLI’s platform is powered by EOSIO which allows the network to deliver fast, compliant and secure services to power the Parsl platform. The WORBLI network also allows Parsl to...

1 Aug
Tags and Smartcards – the touch points that will power Parsl

As the Parsl platform gets closer to launch, other parts of the Parsl eco-system are also starting to fall into place. Today, we are able to release the designs of the tags that will track and verify the products within a Parsl system and the smartcards that will verify users, provide them a digital identity...

4 Jun
Dr. Balbin will be speaking at Quantum Tech

Dr Isaac Balbin will be talking this September at Quantum Tech, the world’s biggest business conference for the commercial application of quantum technology in Boston. Like all forms of new technology it can be hard to separate the hype from the fact and as stated on Quantum Tech’s website: “when the subject is as complex...