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31 Oct
What our president in North America has been up to

While out core team is working to bring the Parsl product to market, our president in North America, Mark Crandell, has been quite busy over recent weeks making connections and meeting with important figures to let Parsl hit the ground running when we officially launch.  Meeting with the Nevada State Treasurer for the “Closed-Loop Marijuana...

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14 Oct
THC vaping outbreak – The deadly consequences of an unregulated market

26 people have now lost their lives to a mysterious illness caused by the use of e-Cigarettes.  The CDC has confirmed that there have now been 1,299 lung injuries associated with using e-cigarette, or vaping, products with no sign of decline.  Another key aspect of the outbreak is that many of the cases involve vaping products that contain THC....

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11 Oct
Parsl Speaks with Quantum Chemist, Keeper Layne Sharkey

Earlier in the year our CEO, Dr. Isaac Balbin, was involved in a discussion on Linkedin with technical expert, Andy Hospodor, regarding the potential threat Quantum Computing could have on blockchain technology. Andy was reluctant to believe blockchain would be protected from the likes of Quantum Computing until Isaac convinced him otherwise.  This small discussion eventually led...

23 Sep
How innovation can help shape the climate of the future

The global climate strike took place last Friday, hundreds of thousands of school strikers were  joined by workers to protest the lack of climate action across the globe.  Parsl fully supports this movement, we believe that the climate emergency needs to be addressed by those in power before detrimental and irreversible damage is placed on...

12 Sep
The Very Real Problem with Product Authenticity

So you’ve just ordered a new iPhone. Exciting times!  The phone is delivered. You open the box, take out your shiny new phone, peel off the protective plastic and turn it on.  As that famous apple silhouette loads up on the screen the last thing you’re probably thinking about is where all the chips and...

24 Jun
Rhode Island wants to put cannabis on the blockchain

Exciting things are happening with cannabis, blockchain and Rhode Island. The Parsl team have been working hard the past few weeks putting together a proposal for Rhode Island’s cannabis tracking platform and on Friday it was submitted. Rhode Island isn’t the first US State to put out a tender for a cannabis tracking system but...

4 Jun
Dr. Balbin will be speaking at Quantum Tech

Dr Isaac Balbin will be talking this September at Quantum Tech, the world’s biggest business conference for the commercial application of quantum technology in Boston. Like all forms of new technology it can be hard to separate the hype from the fact and as stated on Quantum Tech’s website: “when the subject is as complex...