1 Aug
Going green with your green: the future of the legal cannabis recycling issue

When it comes to cannabis packaging, your green may not be as ‘green’ as you originally thought. Due to heavy government regulations, there are many rules that go into how your cannabis is packaged to comply with advertising restrictions, access to minors and other industry restrictions and that is leading to a lot of packaging...

24 Jul
Banking and the legal cannabis industry – a problem that needs to be solved

26 September 2019 Update: The SAFE Banking Act was passed in Congress meaning that federal law can no longer apply to cannabis related business banking as long as they are in complete compliance with state law. You can read more on this in our recent blog post explaining the SAFE Banking Act in detail. The...

27 Jun
Dr Isaac Balbin talks to Craig Hessler of Green Peaks Analytical in Rhode Island

Earlier today Dr. Isaac Balbin talked with Craig Hessler, Technical Director of Green Peaks Analytical, a lab for testing medicinal cannabis in Rhode Island. They talk about everything cannabis-testing related in the Rhode Island industry, including the current track and trace technology the state uses. Enjoy the video and check the links below for the...

24 Jun
Rhode Island wants to put cannabis on the blockchain

Exciting things are happening with cannabis, blockchain and Rhode Island. The Parsl team have been working hard the past few weeks putting together a proposal for Rhode Island’s cannabis tracking platform and on Friday it was submitted. Rhode Island isn’t the first US State to put out a tender for a cannabis tracking system but...

4 Jun
Dr. Balbin will be speaking at Quantum Tech

Dr Isaac Balbin will be talking this September at Quantum Tech, the world’s biggest business conference for the commercial application of quantum technology in Boston. Like all forms of new technology it can be hard to separate the hype from the fact and as stated on Quantum Tech’s website: “when the subject is as complex...