Parsl attends the Cannabis Dealmakers Summit in Dallas, Texas!

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Parsl recently attended the Cannabis Dealmakers Summit in Dallas, Texas, and it was a great success! Being surrounded by so many passionate and inspiring individuals has left the team at Parsl incredibly excited to be a part of an industry with so much talent and potential.

We did not waste a second of our time at the conference, not only did we showcase our brand to a variety of potential investors, we also met some amazing talent in the cannabis sphere. This has sparked many valuable connections and has led to some great opportunities for Parsl. See below for some of the connections made!

Our CEO, Dr. Isaac Balbin was the first company to present with a presentation that explored the current problems faced by the industry and how Parsl’s technology can solve them. Dr Balbin only had a short time to present but he still managed to spark a lot of interest. 

At Parsl, we love a good conversation and we had many great ones throughout the day. We had the opportunity to meet potential investors and engage with potential customers which has placed us directly in the minds of our target market at the most crucial stage; right before our product launch. 

Not only were we able to provide an in depth explanation of Parsl, we also received a more thorough understanding of the wants and needs of the market. We left feeling satisfied that our product will solve many of the issues currently faced by the industry and are excited to see how the cannabis industry may change once our product is launched.

Since the conference was located in Dallas, Texas, we obtained a direct understanding of the Texas cannabis industry from speaking with local industry figures. This allowed us to grasp an understanding of the key challenges faced on a smaller scale and hear directly from those affected. No matter how small of a problem, Parsl is dedicated to incorporating the solutions into our cannabis supply-chain platform so this was very valuable information for us! 

Parsl had such a great time at the Cannabis Dealmakers Summit in Dallas, Texas. We left with new knowledge, great connections, many opportunities and an eagerness to implement change into the cannabis industry in Texas, America and hopefully the world! We’re excited for what’s to come and look forward to sharing more!

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