Parsl Speaks with Quantum Chemist, Keeper Layne Sharkey

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Earlier in the year our CEO, Dr. Isaac Balbin, was involved in a discussion on Linkedin with technical expert, Andy Hospodor, regarding the potential threat Quantum Computing could have on blockchain technology. Andy was reluctant to believe blockchain would be protected from the likes of Quantum Computing until Isaac convinced him otherwise. 

This small discussion eventually led to a 40 minute video call where the two discussed the threats of quantum computing and how they’ve been mitigated both now, and in the future. 

These interactions inspired Parsl to attend the Quantum Technology Conference in Boston, Massachusetts. We broadened our Quantum tech network even further and learned even more about the technology. The great connections we made will be valuable when implementing Quantum Resistant technology into our platform. One connection that really stood out to us was Quantum Chemist, Keeper L. Sharkey, Ph.D. a founder and principal investigator in Quantum Algorithms.  

Keeper is well versed in the Quantum sphere, when Quantum Mechanics was being developed, a wrong assumption was made about the science which is fundamentally incorrect and potentially holding the tech back from advancing. 

This is where Keeper excels, she is going back to the beginning to redo the math of quantum computing to rid this century old assumption so that the technology can actually work. She has a Ph.D. in Chemical Physics from the University of Arizona, is an author of high impact articles, is a futurist and a confessed messy eater. So it’s probably not hard to see why Parsl was so excited to speak with her! 

Keeper has founded a social enterprise called ODE, L3C which was created to serve through Quantum Science, Technology and Research. The business has a stated goal of ‘performing a socially beneficial purpose, not maximizing income’ their mission is to ‘change the world by solving NP Hard problems with quantum computing’. 

Keeper’s goal for the business is to not only rectify this century old assumption of Quantum Mechanics, but to also educate others with her findings to ensure a more accurate industry. We think is a great initiative! Through sharing such valuable knowledge with a wide audience, the technology will have an even higher potential to develop further using correct and accurate methods. She plans to make this project a global effort to fully transform the technology.   

In terms of Parsl’s own relationship with quantum technology, we want to:

  • Ensure that when we adopt quantum technology we’re the first to do it
  • We are doing it in time for quantum not to threaten our own technology
  • Make sure it’s done 100% accurately 

The only chance we have at getting to this point is through the efforts of individuals like Keeper which is why we’re so excited by our connection with the quantum mastermind! 

Quantum physics has been around for a century, only now is it taking shape to completely transform our current computing systems. Parsl is excited to be at the forefront of the technology and looks forward to the day when we can implement it into our own system!  

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