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As the Parsl platform gets closer to launch, other parts of the Parsl eco-system are also starting to fall into place. Today, we are able to release the designs of the tags that will track and verify the products within a Parsl system and the smartcards that will verify users, provide them a digital identity within the eco-system which gives them access to the actions and functionality they require.


Information within the Parsl system is tracked, stored and verified via smart-tags. These tags not only allow Parsl to track individual products, but they allow us to securely record the lifetime data points on individual products, from creation to consumption, and beyond.

In a cannabis ecosystem, tags will be assigned to everything from germination trays to testing samples to individual packaging. They will collect and store information on every interaction that occurs giving a full, verified product history with a simple scan.

Depending on the system requirements, the tags will function using NFC, QR codes, unique identifiers or a combination of the three. Above, are designs for all combinations of these methods


The Parsl smartcards will be the key for users to access the Parsl system.

Each user will be able to be verified at multiple different levels on their Parsl card. A grower will be able to be verified as a consumer on the same card. The smartcards will therefore be able to provide anybody and everybody with a digital identity within the Parsl eco-system. 

Additionally, a Parsl smartcard will verify the actions a user can perform within the system and, for consumers, what products they are authorized to purchase. This will even apply to Parsl systems in different jurisdictions, so once a consumer is appropriately KYCed via their Parsl smartcard they won’t have to do it again. Additionally, all the actions authorised by their smartcard are linked to their KYC’s identity which secures the eco-system for all participants. Lastly, the use of the Parsl smartcard ensures that no one is left out of the system, even if they don’t have a smartphone, an address or a bank account.

At Parsl, we have a strong belief that cannabis (particularly medicinal cannabis) should be made accessible to everyone who needs, and all too often that might be someone who has returned from fighting in a war and is suffering from PTSD. Tragically, these people often end up homeless and bereft of an identity in society, excluding them from everyday benefits that the rest of us take for granted. At Parsl, we make sure that these people have full access to the cannabis ecosystem, just as they are entitled to be!

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