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Parsl’s latest American adventure saw the beginning of many valuable friendships and connections with some very interesting figures in the cannabis industry. We left feeling inspired by the talent that exists within this emerging industry and are motivated to celebrate and share this. 

We have a goal to shift the stigma that currently exists around cannabis towards a more positive energy reflective of a true understanding into cannabis and its effects. We believe a great way to do this is to share the stories of some of the special individuals and businesses doing some pretty spectacular things within the industry. This helps to educate society through sharing the realized potential of the plant and its many possibilities. 

So it only felt right to start a series on the Parsl blog sharing some of the most innovative and inspiring individuals and businesses within the cannabis and blockchain industries. 

To kick off the series we thought we’d share the story of a connection we made at the Cannabis Dealmakers Summit in Dallas; Ricky Williams. 

The Journey 

Ricky Williams is a former NFL player for the Miami Dolphins, and also known as the “poster child for the National Football League’s long-running Reefer Madness approach to dealing with players who smoke marijuana” Throughout his football career he discovered great success both on the field and off the field. However, when Ricky was seeking avenues to cope with mental health and football related injuries, he began using cannabis to cope with these challenges in his life. Whilst the plant significantly helped him deal with health issues that doctors diagnosed Williams with, like social anxiety disorder, borderline personality disorder and avoidance disorder, the NFL failed to see it as a legitimate means of help. They continued to suspend and penalise Williams for his cannabis use, even though it was entirely therapeutic!

After deciding to retire in 2011, the media portrayed him as giving up on everything just to smoke weed and get high, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Although the media demeaned and derided Williams for his use of cannabis throughout his football career, after meeting him, it is obvious that he takes the art and science of herbology extremely seriously and his knowledge is more than impressive. In fact, he came across as more of a gentle giant scholar with a genuine passion for cannabis, and its positive effects particularly in conjunction with other herbs. 

After retiring, Williams began travelling to try and escape the negative media attention coming from his use of cannabis but couldn’t seem to escape the media scrutiny that came from the stigma around his cannabis use. From Fiji to Australia, while on his post-NFL journey, knowledge and information about cannabis and other herbs continued to follow the NFL player. He realized that rather than trying to run from the plant maybe he needed to embrace it. Williams has since begun a new career as a holistic healer and has gone on to create a company with his wife, Linnea Miron, called Real Wellness that utilizes a mixture of cannabis and other herbs to derive a desired outcome. 

Real Wellness  

Williams believes that medical cannabis is the ‘safest, most effective and most natural treatment option’ and this belief led Williams and his wife to formulate herbal remedies infused with CBD oil for their friends and family for various illnesses ranging from physical injuries to migraines. This prompted the couple to co-found their company that allows Ricky to help significantly more people.

Unlike other cannabis companies, Real Wellness doesn’t focus purely on cannabis. The company utilizes a variety of herbs to create medicine that is natural and specifically tailored to an individual’s needs. As mentioned on the Real Wellness website, they ‘unite the ancient art of herbalism with the therapeutic powers of cannabis to open channels at the deepest levels and begin the healing process.’ This extends the Entourage Effect to include other herbs (not only cannabis) and opens up a world of treatment possibilities for medicinal cannabis. 

During an interview with the Sun Sentimental, Williams mentioned that it was a dream come true to combine his interest in healing and plant medicines into a company. After meeting Williams at the Cannabis Dealmakers Summit, we could clearly see the results of this dream. Real Wellness is achieving great success and we couldn’t help but feel excited for the future possibilities of Real Wellness. It was clearly visible that Ricky is a man of passion and this coupled with his determination to assist others will pave the way for an extraordinary business. 

It’s businesses like these that get Parsl excited to implement our services and assist in creating a secure tracking system. It is an important part of Parsl’s mission to support and facilitate the efforts of talented entrepreneurs like Rickly. We are excited by the amount of talent we continue to encounter in this industry and are eager to explore and share even more! 

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