Parsl Attends the Quantum Technology Conference in Boston!

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Parsl recently attended the Quantum Technology Conference in Boston, Massachusetts to speak all things quantum computing. 

Now, some of you may be wondering what this actually has to do with Parsl and our technology. Well, because Parsl utilizes blockchain technology, it could have a lot to do with not only our technology but also the security of entire supply chains. 

For those who may not know what quantum computing actually is, it is essentially a special type of super computer that can perform certain computing tasks much more efficiently than current computing systems. Current computing systems are unable to solve problems above a certain size and complexity. A quantum computer ‘leverages the quantum mechanical phenomena of superposition and entanglement to create states that scale exponentially with the number of qubits, or quantum bits.’  which gives it the ability to solve such problems. 

The reason Parsl is investing time and energy into understanding quantum computing is because it will directly impact our own technology once it comes of age. The speed and ability of these computers can break through the security of blockchain technology. While the power of quantum is not close to achieving this quite yet, and may not get there for many years to come, the idea has led many to discount the long-term viability of blockchain technology. This skepticism is exactly what Dr Isaac Balbin addressed in his presentation.

Quantum computing may sound like something to fear, but the technology has incredible potential to perform tasks we currently cannot comprehend. This is why we are putting effort into understanding it early on so that we will be early adopters of the technology. Like every technological leap forward, a lack of understanding causes general distrust and fear of the tech. We know that the possibilities of quantum computing for Parsl will be huge so we are excited for the technology. 

Our main goal for attending the conference was to learn about new technology using quantum tech to discover ways it could be applied inside the Parsl network. There were many great conversations had regarding this with experts in the field leaving us with many ideas for the integration of quantum in the future. We also had the aim of validating our approach to Quantum Resistance for our own technology which we are now confident to progress with in the near future. 

Being a cannabis tracking company in a room full of tech businesses definitely helped us stand out from the crowd. People were curious to know more about what Parsl is doing in terms of technology and how quantum computing comes into play. We were able to both share our current plans regarding quantum technology while simultaneously learn new methods direct from quantum experts. 

We were given the opportunity to meet potential partners to help distribute Parsl technology globally which was huge for the team! We will be sharing some of the valuable connections we made at the conference very soon! 

Our CEO, Dr. Isaac Balbin was last to present for the day. Despite encountering more technical difficulties with the clicker, the presentation ran smoothly as can be seen in the video! We were able to run the audience through who Parsl is and what we do, and explain how quantum computing was not something that exposed the viability of our technology but was a challenge that would help to make it stronger and can be implemented to ensure even greater security, trust and compliance. 

We had a great day at the Quantum Conference! We have come away with a world of knowledge in regards to quantum computing and look forward to creating resistance to the tech and also incorporating it into our own technology. 

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