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At Parsl, we have a goal to shift the stigma that currently exists around cannabis. We want to move towards a more positive energy, reflective of a true understanding of cannabis and its effects. We believe a great way to do this is to share the stories of some of the special individuals and businesses doing some pretty spectacular things within the industry. This helps to educate society through sharing the realized potential of the plant and its many possibilities.

On this installment of Parsl’s business spotlight, we delved into a particularly delicious version of realized potential of cannabis; edibles. 

We had the pleasure of speaking with Founder and CEO, Peter Barsoom about his budding edibles business, 1906. 


1906 is a Colorado based cannabis company specialising in the glorious world of edibles. Although, 1906 edibles aren’t your typical edibles. They go far beyond any gummy bear or brownie simply seeking to get you high. 

1906 have designed six tailored mood inducing/reducing edibles for those times you’re looking to get your genius on, have a good night’s rest, get active, get sensual, chill out or simply enter a state of complete bliss. They achieve this by combining ‘socially-dosed cannabis with targeted plant medicines’. 

All edibles are made with the highest quality chocolate produced by one of the best artisanal chocolate-makers in America. All their edibles are fast acting allowing you to feel the effects within 20 minutes or less. 

Another added bonus is that each edible is carefully considered, containing the optimal amount of CBD and THC to deliver the desired effects with complete accuracy. This helps you avoid the not so glamorous side of edibles when you get a little too high and don’t realize until it’s too late. 

1906 is not only seeking to redefine edibles, but to also put an end to the stigma around cannabis and reinstate it to its former glory prior to prohibition as a mainstream medicine. The company is even named after the year of the Wiley Act (also known as the Pure Food and Drug Act) was voted in which effectively began the era of cannabis prohibition. 

So it’s no surprise why we were so excited to speak with 1906 Founder & CEO, Peter Barsoom. Read on for a deeper insight into 1906, their grand plans for the next year and Barsoom’s personal view on the stigma surrounding cannabis. 

What inspired you to create 1906?

I worked in finance for many years, specifically within highly regulated markets. I got into the cannabis industry because my wife and I were enthusiasts of smoking flower, but we were concerned about the health impacts of smoking, period. Edibles didn’t seem like a viable alternative because they were too unpredictable, they tasted bad, and they had a lot of unhealthy ingredients. 

We were also fascinated by plant medicine from Ayurveda, Chinese medicine and other traditions, and then of course, cannabis is one of the most widely-used medicines in history. We saw a major opportunity in the market–to combine the functional benefits of plant medicine with the longstanding benefits of cannabis, and combine those in a healthy, delicious and safe edible. That’s how 1906 was born.

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Why edibles? 

Again, we worried about the health impacts of smoking and wanted better ways to enjoy cannabis. We are among a select few companies focusing on experience-based edibles designed to enhance specific aspects of your life. We are impacting people in pretty simple and yet profound ways. We are there for intimate and vulnerable moments like when they want to sleep, or have better sex, or relax after a hard day, and it’s such an honor to be able to help them in these moments. 

What is your most beloved 1906 product? Why? 

Our best seller is Midnight for sleep. A combination of plant medicines for sleep, Midnight is an all-natural sleep aid. We know that 70 percent of American adults suffer from some form of insomnia and most consumers are not happy with the currently available sleep aids and pharmaceuticals. As such, we see a very strong, consistent interest in using cannabis and plant medicines for sleep. With Midnight, people sleep better and wake up refreshed without the negative side effects like grogginess of many other options. 

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My personal favorite 1906 product is Bliss for happiness. Many people enjoy alcohol but don’t like the calories and the hangovers. Formulated with natural plant medicines like Kanna and Theobromine, Bliss gives me all the benefits of a social lubricant like alcohol but without the downsides. Also, Bliss comes in truly outstanding milk or dark chocolate peanut butter cups. Yum.

Do you believe there has been a shift in the stigma around cannabis as more and more states begin to legalize it? 

Yes, we are seeing a definite shift but we still have a long way to go. 

My favorite part of working in the cannabis industry is the opportunity to change the stigma and innovate for all sorts of people. Many people are scared of edibles because they’ve overcommitted dosage-wise, or gotten a product with poor dosing accuracy, and that’s made them averse to trying again. 1906 is meeting the needs of this consumer through high quality, safe, ultra-consistent, low-dose edibles. We are essentially an alternative to the mainstream of cannabis brands and I love being able to offer that to people, especially women, older people, parents – anyone who can’t afford to be incapacitated or even unsure of what a particular edible or flower will do to them.

However, my least favorite thing about the industry is the continued stigma that still surrounds cannabis and the continued injustices resulting from the prohibition of cannabis, particularly the impact on African-American and Latino communities. We are committed to corporate social responsibility in this regard, specifically targeting employment opportunities for those formerly incarcerated individuals who have paid the heaviest price for a century of cannabis prohibition. 

What is the outlook for 1906 in 2020? 

We JUST released a new line of products called Drops that are pressed tablets with plant medicines that are portable, zero calories and optimal remedies for health-conscious adults. We’re excited to see those go on sale in dispensaries across Colorado. We just closed a major round of funding that will help us launch in the additional states of Illinois, Massachusetts, and Michigan. We also have plans to branch out into new products including beverages and additional forms of edibles. 

We are excited to see 1906 grow even bigger in the near future and witness the effects of their influence on the cannabis industry. 1906 products are available at over 200 Colorado dispensaries, so if you’re in the area be sure to get a tasty treat for yourself!

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