Effortless compliance integration

Parsl automates your compliance so you don’t have to worry about it.

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Your compliance reporting handled for you

Compliance reporting is unavoidable as a legal cannabis business. It’s a huge headache and takes precious time away from actually growing your business.

Parsl makes it easy for you to maintain your inventory compliance by collecting and organizing the data you need, automatically.

Parsl catches human errors and guides you to corrective actions to mitigate them, making your inventory counts more accurate and compliant. It also organizes the information you need for compliance reporting and best of all, directly syncs with your state-mandated compliance system to automatically share your inventory data.

Customized integration for your jurisdiction.

Cannabis compliance rules vary from place to place, from state to state and county to county. Parsl customizes our integrations to match exactly what your business needs to stay compliant, no matter where your operations are located.

Limits and safeguards

Parsl comes with specific checks to balance out the risk of human error causing serious compliance issues. These checkpoints in your workflow will ensure your business stays compliant and profitable.

Accuracy made easy

Having an always accurate inventory is much easier than fixing dozens of errors when it’s time to submit a compliance report.

Parsl’s item-level tracking makes it easy to stay accurate as you can only count what you can touch and if it’s missing in action, you’ll know immediately.

Easily find and fix mistakes

No matter how careful your employees are, mistakes happen.

Because every product in Parsl has a unique ID, you’ll have any errors flagged for you to quickly and easily fix those mistakes.

Regulatory reporting in one click

Parsl syncs directly with your mandated compliance system so you can submit your regulatory reports with just the click of a button.