Parsl for consumers

Giving consumers more information on the cannabis products they consume 


What exactly is in the cannabis products you buy? Who made it? What kind of effect is it likely to have? How did it get to you?

Consumers are starting to ask more questions and are becoming more skeptical about the information being given to them by brand. 

Parsl ensures customer confidence by providing a full lifecycle of data about a product from when it was a seed until the point it arrived in their hands. The data covers every detail about the product and it is all done with the tap of a smartphone. 

Parsl empowers customers by giving them high-quality, verified data that is relevant to their purchasing decision.

Key benefits for cannabis consumers

Quality verification

Parsl tags are applied to the plants during the growing stage. This gives Parsl the ability to track the quality of the plants and highlight this directly to customers. 

Consumers from all walks of life can then begin to build a greater understanding of what ‘quality’ means in the context of cannabis and help them make more informed purchase decisions.

Certainty on chemical profiles

The specific effects of different strains of cannabis was a field of study that was largely unexplored in the days when cannabis was criminalized.

While there is a long way to go before we fully understand the potential of cannabis, Parsl offers accurate readings of cannabis chemical profiles so you know if you’re getting the best product for your needs whether that’s for sleep, relaxation or simply just the type of ‘high’ that makes you feel more comfortable.

Incentivised recycling

Recycling is a key problem in the cannabis industry as any packaging that has been used for cannabis products must be separately treated before it can be intermingled with generic recycling material. Because of this, the vast majority of cannabis packaging simply goes into landfill.

Parsl is addressing this problem by incentivizing consumers with reward points for returning their used cannabis packaging to designated collection points. Reward points can then be used to discount their future purchase of cannabis products.

One touch access to the global cannabis industry

Parsl’s consumer smartcard act as their ID within any cannabis eco-system where Parsl is being used. 

It allows consumers to make cashless payments, automatically verifies their identity and holds their eligibility to purchase cannabis in various legal jurisdictions.

Know exactly when a product is expired

Because Parsl’s seed-to-sale information applies on an item by item basis, it is able to notify consumers not just when a particular product expires, but how long ago a specific plant was harvested and if a product is part of a recall.

These notifications can be delivered directly to consumers devices ensuring a complete spread of information as possible.

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