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Seed-to-sale tracking for cannabis dispensaries that is more than just red-tape

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Most cannabis dispensaries see seed-to-sale tracking and compliance as something they have to do. At best it is a checkbox exercise for regulation purposes and adds no real value to their business. At worst it costs them time and money to maintain.

Parsl is looking to turn that idea on its head.

Through a combination of technologies, Parsl is able to provide dispensaries with a system that can verify any individual cannabis product with a single scan. All information about a product and it’s full history is securely stored by the platform. That means that when a transaction takes place, all related product and financial activity is recorded as a transparent and immutable transaction on a public ledger.

This allows Parsl to not only automate compliance for dispensaries, but to also add a host of other tangible business related benefits.

Key benefits for cannabis dispensaries

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