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A better solution for cannabis distributors

High accuracy tracking

Parsl tracks all incoming and outgoing products on an item-by-item basis. Each product has its own unique identity, which ensures the location of inventory is known at all times on a highly specific and granular level.

Automated compliance

Parsl’s system is built to incorporate the precise requirements of a jurisdiction’s seed-to-sale tracking compliance and automate much of the record-keeping and verification, saving distributors time and resources while ensuring all government regulatory requirements are met.

Business efficiency

Cannabis regulations mean the accuracy of distributor reports on the status of their products is of great importance and keeping these records can require considerable resources. The Parsl platform simplifies compliance reporting by automating the process and allows for efficient and specific audits and inventory counts

Transform the way your cannabis business handles inventory data.

nventory management is hard and no one in the cannabis supply chain has a more complicated inventory system than a distributor. You need to be able to not only track current, incoming, and outgoing inventory but be able to predict demand in order to ensure your inventory flow is always full of the products dispensaries and consumers want. 

What if there was an easier, simpler, better way for you to manage all the inventory you distribute and know exactly what item is headed where and when?  

Enter the Parsl SmartTag.

Our SmartTags and App make staying accurate & compliance easier than ever

Every time a product moves location, you can see it, right on your phone. You’ll get insights into what’s selling, what’s not, when and how fast. You’ll never misplace a product or wonder if a shipment has gone out. 

Less downtime and lost opportunity due to accurate data insights isn’t just a pipe dream. It’s not just possible – it’s the future of the cannabis supply chain, all thanks to one little tag

Data from every step of the supply chain in your hands

Over time, the holistic cannabis ecosystem that Parsl creates will enable you to access one of the most powerful analytic tools for the cannabis industry while barely altering your business operations

Parsl SmartTags can automatically detect environmental factors like UV levels, humidity, and exposure, and entering any other plant-specific data is as simple as the tap of a smart device. That information then follows that plant through processing and distribution, into a dispensary and the consumer’s hands. This ability to track a plant through the supply chain grants distributors access to the information you need to make informed sourcing and distribution decisions in the future. 

Start using Parsl for free.

Parsl’s basic plan is free for any business type forever!

We will even send you 1,000 free SmartTags to get you started, so you can experience the full power of Parsl in your business right from the start. 

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