Parsl for distributors

A better solution for cannabis distributors


Nowhere is track-and-trace more valuable for business operations than at a distributor level and in the cannabis industry, the regulatory record-keeping requirements add another dimension of complications.

Parsl simplifies life for cannabis distributors by offering fair distribution, control and automation of inventory and creating a full audit trail of all products and all relevant compliant measures.

Key benefits for cannabis distributors

Accurate inventory

Parsl tracks all incoming and outgoing products on an item-by-item basis. Each product has it’s own individual and specific identity which ensures that the location of inventory is known at all times on a highly specific and granular level.  

Efficient business management

Cannabis regulations mean that accuracy of distributor reports on the status of their products is of much greater importance and keeping the integrity of these records can involve considerable resources.

The Parsl platform simplifies compliance reporting by automating the process and allows for efficient and specific audits and stocktakes.

Simplifies taxation

Parsl makes calculating, collecting and paying all taxes involved in buying and selling cannabis products simple, easy, efficient and cost effective. 

In many cases the tax can be paid in real time.

Access to financial institutions

Banking remains a major hurdle for cannabis related businesses. This can be specifically problematic for distributors who have a high level of incomings and outgoings with a high-level of different parties.

 The Parsl platform allows processors to operate cashless and have access to banking and financial services.

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