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Smart cannabis grow tracking with seed-to-scale compliance

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Cannabis grow tracking and automated compliance

Cannabis grow tracking and automated compliance

Make more informed decisions by tracking every facet of your cannabis cultivation

Like with any crop, there is a difference between growing cannabis and growing cannabis well. With so many factors affecting the quality of the end product, quality cannabis cultivation can be equal parts experience, science, intuition and dedication.

That’s why every piece of data helps in understanding the cultivation of a crop and how to improve the processes and environment of the grow.

Parsl technology allow cannabis producers and cultivators the track data on about specific plants from germination to harvest. Collecting information on everything from the nutrients, lights and pesticides used to detection of the UV, humidity levels and temperature throughout the life of the grow.

This level of specific granular data gives cannabis growers a powerful range of benefits including access to extensive analytics on each grow’s process and environment, the ability to receive direct market feedback on products containing their cannabis, an automated system for keeping on top of regulations and compliance and much more.

Key benefits for cannabis growers

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