Parsl for growers New Layer New Layer Smart cannabis grow tracking with seed-to-sale compliance

Cannabis grow tracking and automated compliance

Make more informed decisions by tracking every facet of your cannabis cultivation

Like with any crop, there is a difference between growing cannabis and growing cannabis well. With so many factors affecting the quality of the end product, quality cannabis cultivation can be equal parts experience, science, intuition and dedication.

That’s why every piece of data helps in understanding the cultivation of a crop and how to improve the processes and environment of the grow.

Parsl technology allow cannabis producers and cultivators the track data on about specific plants from germination to harvest. Collecting information on everything from the nutrients, lights and pesticides used to detection of the UV, humidity levels and temperature throughout the life of the grow.

This level of specific granular data gives cannabis growers a powerful range of benefits including access to extensive analytics on each grow’s process and environment, the ability to receive direct market feedback on products containing their cannabis, an automated system for keeping on top of regulations and compliance and much more.

Key benefits for cannabis growers

Analysis of grow process

Parsl tags can be designed to automatically detect and record environmental factors that affect the grow process including temperature, humidity and UV exposure. This gives cannabis growers data to help understand and optimize their operations and easily identify when and where problems have occurred.

Specific & direct market feedback

Information collected about any given cannabis plant is transferred to any product that cannabis goes into. This allows consumer and market feedback to come back down Parsl’s supply-chain directly to growers and gives them the opportunity to make informed decisions in their business operations.

Trace problems to their source

 A full record of a plant’s history will allow growers to pinpoint and rectify problems in their operations in specific and targeted ways.

If problems with the cannabis product they produce is reported further down the production line, Parsl’s technology will allow them to trace that problem back to precise locations in that plant’s lifecycle.

Direct to customer marketing

Parsl’s unique method of tracking chain-of-custody allows growers to deliver marketing content directly to consumers when they’re shopping for products that contain their cannabis. This gives cannabis growers the unique opportunity to educate end-users about their grow process and highlight the quality of their product.

Transparency for consumers

Consumer behaviour is changing. Modern customers want to know more about what they’re buying and are more skeptical about product claims than ever before. Parsl increases the trust consumers have in your product by facilitating the delivery of verified product information. All it takes to unlock is the simple tap of a smartphone.

Compliance automated

All compliance matters are automated when using the Parsl platform as all required regulations are integrated into our system allowing growers to focus on actually growing. This includes not just seed-to-sale tracking but other aspects of compliance related to the grow stage of cannabis production such as verification of persons handling the plant and a verified record of wastage disposal.

Simple analytics for better grow operations

The holistic cannabis eco-system that Parsl creates means that you can access one of the most powerful analytic tools for the cannabis industry while barely changing your business operations.

Parsl’s tags can automatically detect environmental factors like UV levels, humidity and exposure, and entering any other data on a specific plant is as simple as a tap of a smart-device. That information then follows any product down the supply-chain and allows cannabis growers to track its progress giving them the information you need to make informed production decisions in the future.

Secure your operation

By using Parsl for the track-and-trace for your cannabis grow process you’re creating an inventory record that fully secures your operation. It allows you to trace product leakage to precise points in the supply-chain, protecting  against internal theft and corrupt activity.

It also creates a secure, verifiable and immutable public ledger of you business activity. Parsl can’t stop people doing the wrong thing but we can ensure people doing the right thing can easily verify and demonstrate their compliance.

We can track cannabis, hemp and CBD

Cannabis is a versatile plant and what you track will depend on what corner of the cannabis market you grow for. Whether your focus is cannabis, hemp or CBD no matter there are unique challenges as well as specific regulations to comply with but Parsl has you covered no matter what.

Connects growers with consumers

They are at opposite ends of the supply-chain, but Parsl’s tech allows cannabis growers to connect with consumers directly. This will let you build and protect your company’s brand as every product that contains your cannabis will have direct access to verified information about your cultivation process.

Build trust with the end customer and give them access to direct and specific feedback on products linked to the plants you have grown.

Simple implementation

Integrating Parsl into your existing operation is straight-forward. Stick a Parsl tag to a germination tray and that begins a full-lifecycle of information about a cannabis plant until it is consumed. The tap of a device is all that is needed to record an action securely and permanently on the Parsl supply-chain record.

Minimal specialized training is required to use our system. Simply tap, define the action you are taking and confirm and all the relevant data will be stored.

Facilitate international trade

The legal cannabis industry is becoming a bigger market with new states and countries changing cannabis laws every month.

Every juristiction’s regulatory framework is different but Parsl is built to automate all the compliance and regulatory considerations that come with selling cannabis products over different state-lines and international borders allowing you to expand the reach of where you can sell the cannabis you grow. We even eliminate the need to deal with currency exchange through the use of our platform specific cannabis stable-coin.

Savings on operational costs

Compliance is an important part of a legal cannabis industry but many systems that cannabis growers are mandated to use take time and money to manage in the form of extra staff employed to manage compliance records and specialised training for staff to manage the system.

Parsl allows you to reduce these business costs with automated intuitive operation that requires little to no additional training.

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