Parsl for lab testing

Transparency to prove quality cannabis lab testingĀ 


Lab testing for cannabis products is a mandated part of a legal industry, but not all labs produce the same quality reports. The standard of lab equipment, training of analytical chemists and standard of service all impact the quality of the end report.

Tests that are conducted using different methods are not really comparable and the lack of clarity can be confusing for consumers. Parsl helps ensure that information on the testing method is accessible and included along with the actual result putting context to the work each lab.

Parsl helps labs doing high-standard testing to provide direct value to consumers by educating them and empowering their purchase decisions. Parsl provides an incentive for labs to prioritize quality and accuracy by communicating their processes to potential customers.

Key benefits for cannabis lab testing

Simplified operations

Parsl makes the process of collecting samples and uploading lab results simple and reducesĀ  human error. This creates simplified and efficient processes for both labs and any business involved in the testing process.

Verifiable lab results

Our Platform allows Lab Testers to prove the quality of their tests to all Parsl users. The information is stored on a blockchain on a distributed public ledger and it is secure and immutable.

Trusted information

When using the Parsl platform, lab results will provide a high level of certainty, transparency and security as all data is fully verifiable and transparent. This higher level of certainty will help to target labs that are doing the wrong thing and create a greater level of trust in lab results.

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