Parsl for law enforcement

Efficient law enforcement in a legal cannabis industry 


The problem law enforcement face in a legalized cannabis industry is that legal cannabis and black market cannabis look exactly the same. 

Parsl’s technology is designed to make the process of identifying the status of a cannabis product incredibly simple. A simple scan can determine if the products are in the right hands and records all interactions between law enforcement and the public. 

Parsl will give law enforcement agencies special tools to identify a person in the context of the cannabis industry and allow them to interrogate the blockchain in real time and view the current or potential inventory of each and every person. 

Key benefits for law enforcement

Better relationships between police and cannabis consumers

Generations of law enforcement officers trained to treat cannabis as an illicit substance means that the dynamic between cannabis consumers and police has historically been one defined by opposition and mistrust.

Parsl develops a better environment for relationships between law enforcement and cannabis consumers with the ability to track legal products with a simple scan.

Better tools for handling suspicious behaviour

Parsl offers law enforcement powerful tools to detect and investigate suspicious behaviour in a safe manner. Whether that be identifying areas of the supply chain where legal product is consistently ‘leaking’ or other irregularities that might suggest black market influences on the legal system.

Easily identify a product’s true owner

The Parsl Platform allows law enforcement to scan cannabis products to see who the current owner of that product is and determine if it is in the right hands. 

This will be particularly relevant for high-potency medicinal products and policing the underage use of cannabis products.

All interactions are recorded

Parsl collects records of interactions between law enforcement and users on a secure network. So if a dispute were to arise, there is a transparent record of what was investigated and what was found, protecting both sides from malicious activity and false claims. 

It also ensures any malicious activity that is not initially detected will always be permanently recorded for future interrogation.

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