Direct Customer Marketing

Reach the unreachable. A cannabis industry first.

How do you get the brand of your cannabis business out there?

What if you could send your brand’s marketing directly to your customers’ phones?

With Parsl you can.

Taking your Business Beyond the Sale

Traditionally inventory management has always worked along some simple principles: you import some products into your business, they track it as it bounces around within the ‘four walls’ of your business, and then, eventually you sell it. Right? Job done.

Well Parsl has been built to go further.

Our smart tracking goes beyond seed-to-sale and gets to the customer when they have your product in their hand.

Whether that’s inside a dispensary when the decision on what to buy is being made, or after the sale in the customer’s home. 

This unlocks a unique opportunity for your business to interact directly with your customers in an industry where most traditional forms of advertising are restricted or just outright banned. The customer simply scans the Parsl tag using their smartphone and they have your message in the palm of their hands.

Choose your Message and send it Directly to your Customers

How you want to leverage Parsl’s powerful customer engagement feature is completely up to you.

Want to outline the benefits of a product when the customer holds it in their hand? Piece of cake. Maybe you want to generate more positive online reviews for your dispensary? You have the power to do just that.

Parsl is working to give cannabis businesses a voice in an industry where it is increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd.