Directly market to your customers

Cannabis marketing is legally complicated. Parsl simplifies marketing for cannabis businesses by creating a direct connection with your customers so you can market to them without any legal issues.

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Parsl transforms your products into a new marketing opportunity

What could be more effective than being able to target consumers that directly interact with your products?

Parsl’s SmartTags open up the opportunity for your business to do just that.

Market to your consumers when they have your products in hand

Parsl enables you to deliver marketing material directly to any consumer that scans the Parsl SmartTag on their products.

The marketing material can be general, specific to the product scanned or even tailored to the consumer who scanned it.

Deliver different marketing content for every SmartTag

You can tailor the marketing content a user receives based on the specific tag they scan.

Run different campaigns for anything: cannabis types, product lines, product batches, or even individual products and product groups.

Tailor specific marketing messages to your customers

The flexibility of Parsl’s marketing doesn’t stop at the products themselves. You can also tailor your messages to the specific user.

Change your marketing content based on the users location, their previous scan history, and more.

Segment customers into ongoing campaigns

As consumers opt-in through the Parsl Trust app, you can segment them into ongoing marketing campaigns.

Build your campaigns around behaviors including:

  • How often a user has scanned a type of product
  • How long it’s been since they last scanned one of your products
  • If they enter a defined geographic area
  • If they give your product an in-app rating

And much more…