Parsl for marketers

Smarter marketing for the cannabis industry


Parsl provides marketers with valuable data to help them better understand cannabis consumers in order to deliver targeted, non-repetitive marketing messages direct to consumers. 

The Parsl platform also unlocks a marketing opportunity that delivers an entirely new channel to talk to customers – when they have the product in their hand. Parsl’s platform not only allows the delivery of targeted messages to consumers, it can deliver user-specific messages based on previous behaviour.

Key benefits for marketing in the cannabis industry

Follow cannabis marketing regulations

Marketing in the cannabis industry is notoriously difficult because of the restrictions of who can see cannabis advertising. Almost all forms of digital marketing do not allow cannabis related advertising and most juristictions restrict cannabis related businesses from advertising in any space that may be accessed by minors.

Parsl is an efficient way to market direct to relevant consumers while following strict cannabis marketing regulations. 

Targeted messaging

No business wants to waste money on marketing that isn’t going to reach their target audience.

With Parsl you can deliver a marketing message to relevant users that is targeted, non-repetitive and informed by customers behavior.

Optimal timing

Parsl has created an entirely new touchpoint for your marketing mix and allows your message to reach customers at the most critical stage of the decision making process: when the product is in their hands. 

Transparency for consumers

Consumers are getting more educated about the products they are consuming. From the pesticides and nutrients used to treat the plants to the facilities used to grow them, these details are all things consumers are caring about more and more. Parsl gives them all this information with the tap of their smartphone.

Compliance automated

Because cannabis is a controlled substance there are a lot of restrictions with what can and can’t be done when it comes to marketing and advertising for cannabis products.

Parsl ensures that all relevant laws and regulations are followed, protecting marketing companies from unintentionally getting in hot water.

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