Parsl for packaging companies

Smart Technology for Cannabis Packaging

Drive value with packaging that is set to frame the future of cannabis tracking

The modern digital world offers new opportunities on many fronts. The global market for smart-packaging is predicted to reach $26.7 billion dollars by 2024. Parsl technology is smart-packaging that is specifically built to provide value to every stage of the cannabis industry.

It gives consumers get access to direct information about what has gone into their product. Businesses get an intuitive and automated way of tracking inventory and keeping compliant. And regulators have a transparent, secure and immutable record of the movement of cannabis and related financial activity within their jurisdiction.

All these selling points gives packaging with Parsl technology a very clear and powerful point of difference.

Key benefits for cannabis growers

A new standard of tamper free

Parsl takes ‘tamper-free’ to a new level. While you’re packages are designed to physically show when a package has been opened, Parsl can record when and where the packaging of a product has been breached.

This means that even if a package has been sealed with appropriate equipment, evidence of the breach will be permanently recorded. This can be implemented on both an individual package level and to protect the integrity of larger consignments.

Our tamperproof tech can be incorporated in your packaging in a variety of different ways, from a tag that is triggered at the packaged opening to a full package wire mesh to record any entry.

Increase your value proposition

There are a lot of benefits in our cannabis-tracking technology. The highly specific and accurate way we track give businesses all through the cannabis supply-chain advantages when it comes to product-recall, inventory management, marketing, automated compliance, and much much more.

Integrating Parsl into your cannabis packaging allows you to market all of these benefits as your own.


Be on the cutting edge

Parsl technology is leading the way in cannabis smart-packaging and pushing the boundaries of what can be done. 

Incorporating Parsl technology into your packaging will ensure you are well-ahead of your competitors and that your customers always have a tangible reason to stay loyal to your product

Offer full transparency

Provide your clients the security that comes with 100% transparency of product movement.

By incorporating Parsl technology into your packaging for cannabis products you offer the peace-of-mind for businesses operating in an industry that is constantly being hit from both sides, with regulators and black market influences a constant consideration.

Solving the cannabis recycling problem

The cannabis industry has a serious problem with package recycling. Every piece of material involved in packaging of cannabis products must be treated separately in order to be recycled in a general processing facility.

Unfortunately this means most cannabis packaging ends up in landfills. 

Parsl has incorporated a package collection reward scheme into our platform to incentive package recycling, boosting the environmental credentials of your company.

Facilitate international trade

Parsl’s creates a contained ecosystem for the cannabis industry allowing it to account for regulations across different jurisdictions in a highly efficient and automated fashion.

Offering Parsl packaging increases the sales reach potential of your customers

Simplifying finance in the cannabis industry

Current federal financial regulations mean that any legal cannabis industry in the United States essentially cash-based. This makes cannabis businesses a major target for break-ins and slows down operations immensely. 

Parsl provides a cashless system with a platform specific token that allows payments to be made instantly, allowing packaging companies a way to deal with cannabis businesses safely and securely.

Marketing analytics and proof-of-concept

The benefits cannabis packaging companies get from Parsl don’t stop once you hand over the packaging. The data collected through Parsl’s track-and-trace technology travels both ways along the supply-chain.

That means you are able to collect analytics on the sales of the products you package and provide potential clients with stats and hard data on the benefit of using your product.

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