Case Study

Pineapple Express

What a Californian dispensary was able to achieve with Parsl

Key Obstacles


Traditional inventory management isn’t that accurate to begin with

A 2019 report found that only 59.4% or retailers across all sectors had accurate inventory records. A problem for any business, but much more serious for cannabis businesses.

Availability of standard inventory management software

Much of the legacy inventory management software doesn’t cater to the specific needs of the cannabis industry and, in many cases, does not allow cannabis businesses to use their product.

Consequences specific to the cannabis industry

In the cannabis industry having accurate inventory records is not just a question of efficiency, it is a question of livelihood. Large penalties are associated with getting inventory data wrong, even by a just little bit.

The Results

What Pineapple Express achieved with Parsl in 6 months

Time Saved

Parsl was able to eliminate the double-blind count from Pineapple Express’ inventory process, replacing it with the Parsl App’s inventory count feature, delivering a 91.43% reduction in staff time of 34.5 hours per week.

Improved Efficiency

Our automated inventory tracking meant that when inventory discrepancies existed, they could be identified on a specific product level and were therefore more efficient to reconcile.

Improved accuracy

Parsl was able to improve inventory accuracy achieved through general business operation by 92.06% and to bring their average inventory accuracy to 99.91%

Operational enhancement

Pineapple Express was able to further leverage the inventory data they were collecting for regulatory reasons by readily identifying dead-stock and stock expiring soon, enhancing inventory management capabilities.


Reduction in weekly staff hours


Inventory accuracy achieved

Growing together

“With the integration capabilities of Parsl, inventory intake and management has gone from a long, multi-stepped process to clicking a few buttons and allocating Smart Tags, saving time and energy for the whole team. The ability of inventory to be counted on either an Android or an iPhone makes mandated inventory counts as easy as the press of a button.”

Sharna WeaverInventory Manager, Pineapple Express