About Avery Dennison

Avery Dennison Corporation (NYSE: AVY) is a materials science company that specializes in the design and manufacture of a wide range of labeling and functional materials. The company’s products are used in nearly every major industry and include pressure-sensitive materials for labels and graphic applications; tapes and assorted bonding solutions for medical, industrial, and retail applications; labels, tags, and embellishments for apparels; and radio frequency identification (RFID) solutions that serve the retail apparel and other markets.

More information can be found at: https://rfid.averydennison.com/en/home/about-us.html

About Parsl

Parsl is helping the cannabis industry communicate effectively.

Parsl is changing the way the cannabis industry operates, by facilitating the communication of clear and accurate data to and from every software and actor.

We provide transparent and secure information at every step of the supply chain with item-by-item creation-to-consumption tracking that is powered by blockchain and smart packaging.

By removing the logistical obstacles around the verification, information, and tracking of cannabis products, we’re empowering everyone, from the grower and processor to the consumer and regulator, to explore the full potential of the cannabis plant.

More information can be found at: https://parsl.softserve.cloud/press

Q&A with Dr. Isaac Balbin (Parsl CEO) About the Avery Dennison Partnership

Why form the partnership with Avery Dennison/NXP?

Parsl only works with the best suppliers in the world, and Avery Dennison is the biggest and best provider of NFC Tags in the world. Parsl geared itself up to be able to scale very quickly from relatively low numbers of SmartTags being produced and distributed every month, up to the level of the biggest cannabis businesses in the world and to be able to do that very quickly and easily.

How does this partnership benefit Parsl users – businesses and end consumers?

Parsl users know that they’re getting the best quality SmartTags available on the market. They know that they’re going to work. They know that their failure rates are going to be so low that they’ll hardly notice them. They know that there is nothing nefarious encoded onto the chip. And Parsl clients know that if there were to be any such problems, we’ve got an address to go calling where someone trustworthy would be responsible for anything that would potentially go poorly.

In addition, our partnership with Avery Dennison SmarTrac means that Parsl has the inside line to NXP, who design and manufacture the chips that we need for our SmartTags.

Any potential issues are discovered and remedied earlier, before the SmartTags get to our clients, which is a lot earlier in the process than for other businesses, because we’re dealing with the people that are on the ground floor.

Does this partnership have an end date?

This partnership is ongoing with no end date and has been in the works for the last few years.

When can businesses take advantage of this amazing new technology?

Anyone interested should get in touch now, because we’re already putting people onto a waitlist for onboarding.

Where are the new tags being used now?

These tags will be used for the global market. We have already shipped them to suppliers in Australia, Africa, and the United States. We expect them to be in Europe and other regions shortly.

What are the best use cases for the Parsl/Avery Dennison tags?

There are many great use cases for the Parsl/Avery Dennison SmartTags. The deployment of these SmartTags out into the cannabis industry is like laying down infrastructure, like we’re building roads. We can drive a lot of different types of fancy cars down those roads, so we could talk about traceability, about connecting people with data that they need and want to have, and about communication up and down the supply chain, as just some of what can be done once we have those Tags on products.

What makes all these things possible is the fact Parsl tracks products on an item-level basis.  Parsl leverages tools like NFC and blockchain and combines them to create the only way to really achieve item level tracking in a secure, untamperable way, so whether you’re a grower or a dispensary, you have access to verifiable, deep levels of insights into each and every product.

Who shouldn’t use the new Parsl tags?

Anyone in the illicit market. Or anyone who’s doing anything illegal. Even though we’re not going to stop anyone doing anything illegal, we’re going to catch everybody that does and hold that data well and truly in the system.

What special “intellectual technological property” did Parsl bring to this partnership?

In the future, Parsl’s expertise is going to be something we need more and more of in our society because Parsl is not going out there and designing and building NFC Tags. We’re not going out there and designing and building blockchain-based infrastructure, and we’re not going out there and building a mobile operating system or the cloud or any of that.

What Parsl does better than anyone else in the world is grab all of these bits of technology and put them together into a system that delivers real value to real people by solving business problems and making the world more efficient and more fair.

Are there any other tags like these tags?

What makes Parsl’s Tag different from any other tag is the way that we use it, and not just the things that we combine it with, but the way that we integrate SmartTags into our overall system is unique in the world. Nobody else does it that way, and methodology only increases in complexity and functional ability as we go forward and start using a wider range of more diverse Tags.

I am interested in using Parsl/these tags. Who do I contact and how?

Get in touch with us via our website. We respond pretty quickly. At the moment, we’re just getting people ready for onboarding by putting them on a waiting list that we will slowly but surely get through in the near term. We’re scaling up at the moment. If people are keen to get started earlier rather than later, they should really get in touch as soon as possible.