Parsl for patients

Matching the right cannabis strains to patient’s conditions 


When it comes to use as a medicine, ‘cannabis’ is not just one thing. 

Studies have shown that the specific mix of cannabanoids a cannabis plant contains can have a highly varied impact on its effectiveness as a medicine for any given condition. With over 480 different compounds and at least 113 different cannabanoids found in various cannabis strains matching strains to patients can be a mammoth task.

Parsl assists patients with sourcing the correct cannabis products to best treat their condition by obtaining the chemical profile of the product from lab results and pair each profile with a pictorial representation to make it easier to understand the difference between strains. 

Current classification is tied to the plants genetics or ‘branding’, however, this is not what is important about a cannabis product in the context of the benefits and effects received by patients. 

What is important is the chemical profile of the strain of a cannabis product including cannabinoid profile, terpene profile and other relevant substances and these are what Parsl is tracking. 

Key benefits for medicinal cannabis users

Simplified access

Within the Parsl system, a patient’s individual eligibility to access specific cannabis products can be automatically verified. 

This greatly simplifies accessibility issues for patients to access the treatment they require, even if they don’t have a bank account, address, mobile phone or any other type of digital identity.

Accurate readings

Parsl provides accurate readings of chemical profiles in cannabis products which are collected directly from lab results. These results are then translated into a digestible graphic format to help patients quickly identify if a product is suitable for their condition.

Clear strain definitions

Parsl’s record of data on different strains of cannabis and their chemical profiles is helping to build a meaningful definition of strains that goes beyond just ‘Sativa’ or ‘Indica’.

Our ultimate aim is to help patients better understand the information and better treat their condition.

Meaningful feedback

Parsl also helps to build strain definitions based on effects they are having on patients in the real world.

Our product review system tracks effects reported for strains over time and ensures all feedback is genuine and valid. This is a valuable tool for patients as they can identify feedback from people with the same condition, greatly assisting in matching the ideal strain to their condition. 

Product history

All products can easily be tracked back to their origins. This provides evidence of the products authenticity, detailed information on where a product came from and how it got to you and information on the grower / manufacturer etc. that produced the product.

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