A cannabis Point of Sale that does it all

You could be automatically collecting all the information you need to make your business operations more efficient and effective with Parsl today.

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A Point of Sale built for cannabis businesses

The cannabis industry often has to make do by adapting technologies to be “good enough” to work in the cannabis industry.

Parsl’s Point of Sale was built with cannabis businesses’ needs in mind and provides super accurate inventory tracking, alternate payment methods, and complicated tax calculations to ensure your dispensary runs smoothly.

Customers can check themselves in

Using a simple Parsl check-in code enables customers to submit all their required information as they walk in the door, speeding up the sales process and making everyone happy.

Digital queue management

Parsl’s digital order management saves your customers from having to waste time in a long checkout line.

Accessible sales reporting

Having detailed insights into your dispensary sales and various products’ popularity makes it easy for you to know what to order more of and when and what to put on sale to clear the shelves.

Customer loyalty made easy

Parsl’s customer loyalty program is easy to set up and enables you to send targeted messages to the right customers to get them to come back for more of their favorite products.

Inventory management insights

Because Parsl’s point of sale syncs effortlessly with Parsl’s inventory management system, you’ll never accidentally sell a product you don’t have in stock or be unable to sell something you do.

Automated compliance integration

Each and every sale updates your compliance reporting data, keeping it up to date so you’re never out of compliance.