Know the Difference.

The cannabis inventory and compliance solution you’ve been waiting for.

Parsl SmartTags are an industry first

Our SmartTags will give your cannabis business powerful item-level inventory tracking.

They will record a full history of every product from seed-to-sale.

The industry's best

inventory management compliance reporting itemised batch tracking

The Smart Solution for Cannabis

  • Itemised product tracking
  • Batch tracking
  • State compliance integration
  • Reporting
  • Direct customer marketing
  • Quick setup
  • Built for you to operate
  • Cloud-based

Not Just Compliance

We aren’t just another way to ‘do your compliance’, we are a system built to make your business better.

Know Your Business Better

See your business in a different way. Parsl reporting unlocks insights like no other. See what’s really going inside your business.

Inventory Accuracy

How do you know Parsl has better inventory accuracy? Because we only track data on the product you’re holding in your hand. We are integrated directly into your operations and track everything in real time.

State Compliance Integration

Parsl is built to automate data collection in the way your state system requires and submits at a push of a button.

Built for You

Parsl designed its solution for businesses first, to save you time and money with all the benefits of compliance reporting you need.

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