Parsl for processors

Secure tracking of the processing of cannabis products


Parsl assists processors with both ensuring the quality of the products they source and communicating the quality of their own products directly to their customers. 

Whether you are processing cannabis into oil, cream, tinctures or just drying out the flower, the processing stage is critical to the quality of the end product and effect it produces. However, as with most things in the cannabis industry, there is a general lack of understanding as to what the processing stage offers the cannabis industry. 

That’s why Parsl will be able to add verified information about how a business is processing cannabis to create their products. This provides more accountability for what processors do, incentivises quality operations and provides better information to customers on what the products are and how they are made.

Key benefits for cannabis processors

Access to financial institutions

Banking for cannabis related businesses is a major challenge. Strict regulations restrict access to financial services that are crucial to the smooth running of any business.  The Parsl platform allows processors to operate cashless and have access to banking and financial services. 

Automated compliance

Parsl’s system is built to incorporate the specific requirements of a jurisdiction’s seed-to-sale tracking compliance and automate a great deal of the record-keeping and verification, saving processors time and resources in ensuring they meet all government regulations.

Targeted recalls

Parsl’s recall function ensures that recalls are done in a granular fashion, so only the specific products that may have been affected are recalled and the location of every product can be targeted regardless of where it sits in the supply-chain. 

Consumers affected will be notified directly, significantly increasing the effectiveness of reaching the right people with minimal impact on your brand.

Efficient business management

Parsl offers seamless inventory tracking, compliance and reporting. As well as efficient and fair licensing with timely reminders for renewals.

Know your product

Sourcing quality products can be made more streamlined with Parsl’s transparent product history. Not only will the platform ensure you can verify the quality of the cannabis product you receive, you can select cannabis plants and material based on the specific optimal requirements of your business’ ideal end product.

Each item’s tag delivers in-depth analytics on where product come from and how it has been treated. It also gives you the ability to measure the performance of products from certain suppliers to inform more intelligent operational decisions.

Market directly to your customer

In the crowded cannabis market processor can’t always communicate the value of what they do. 

With Parsl, the story you want to tell is intrinsically linked to any product you have processed. Have the ability to prove that your products are of the highest quality by directly communicating with the end consumer when they have your product in their hand.

Receive valuable feedback

Understand the wants and needs of your end users with valuable feedback collected on our platform. The two way nature of Parsl’s supply-chain technology allows you to use this feedback not just to respond to consumer needs, but to accurately pinpoint areas of your operations that might be producing poor results in your end product.

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