Dive into your data to find your business edge

See Your Business in a Different Way

In the fast-paced modern world of cannabis retail, any edge you can find could be critical to your business’s long term success. Parsl’s reporting is the tool you need to find that edge.

Parsl’s item level tracking unlocks unmatched insights on your business operations.

Our system is built on knowing exactly where any given product is and where it has been, and that means it can deliver powerful insights to show you exactly where your inventory operations can be optimized.

Whether your inventory is sitting on the shelves too long or you’re losing sales to out of stock product lines, when you use Parsl, if it is happening then you’ll know about it.

Product Reporting

Break down your inventory by current status, location and the state of your boxes, to get a complete picture of every product that has had anything to do with your cannabis business.

Also gain access to a historical inventory comparison dating back to when you first started using Parsl.

Sale Reporting

Very few things are as critical to the success of your business as understanding your sales.

You can dress it up anyway you want to, moving products off your shelves is what running a business is about.

But not many businesses become lean, mean, inventory-churning machines by accident. They need a little help to learn where to fine-tune their operations, identify areas of opportunity, fix problems, and generally make intelligent  revenue-based business decisions.

To do this you need reliable data, and Parsl reporting gives you a real-time overview of the performance of your cannabis business, with the ability to break down sales reports by product lines, employees sales, cannabis types and facilities, and compare growth or decline to previous periods.

Parsl sales reporting can make your cannabis business the best version of itself, one data-point at a time.

Inventory Reports

Parsl is the smarter way for cannabis businesses to manage their inventory. We have built a system that makes keeping your inventory records accurate easy and efficient. But we also know that working in retail means that inventory audits are always going to be a thing, especially in the world of legalized cannabis.

Parsl allows you to simply and efficiently count and audit the products in any defined area of your business and then, on submission, spit out a report of any products that were missing from the count.

Every inventory Count will be recorded on the Parsl system as an Inventory report giving your business a complete historic record of its inventory reconciliation.

State Compliance Reporting

If you work in the cannabis industry, you’re going to be dealing with compliance.

Parsl generates compliance reporting from the inventory data you’re already collecting, and ensures it is compiled to align with the regulations in your state. As long as you use our inventory management features to keep your inventory completely up to date we can compile everything you need to keep your cannabis inventory compliant.