Smart Inventory for Cannabis

Inventory… but smarter

You probably don’t even know it, but your cannabis inventory could be a lot smarter.

You could be collecting all the data you need for your compliance reporting through the everyday operations of your business.

You could be seamlessly collecting all the information you need to make your business operations more efficient and effective,

You could be using Parsl and saving time and money on your cannabis inventory management today.

Batch Tracking

Parsl is the smart way for cannabis businesses to manage their inventory. Our solution to batch tracking combines the power of highly specific product data with operational efficiency.

Parsl SmartTags give each product in your inventory a unique identity and whenever someone in your company interacts with that SmartTag, we record what happens.

Someone is moving a product from the storeroom to the floor? They scan it with your Smartphone and select ‘Move’. BAM! We know where it is. Another product is being handed over to a delivery driver. Your employee scans the product. Selects handover. BOOM! Your inventory is up to date in real time.

And because the actions your users are performing are tied to the product in their hands you know your inventory is going to stay in sync, all the way down to specific items. It’s efficient batch-tracking that is essentially ‘idiot-proof’ (not that we’re calling your employees idiots).

Real-time Data

As you scan your Parsl products and move them around your business, our itemized product tracking allows us to update your inventory in real time. 

This gives anyone in your company access to a complete picture of your inventory, allowing them to make smarter and more informed decisions. No more guessing or ‘gut feel’, with Parsl you have all the information at your fingertips to accurately optimize your operations.

Knowing when the date and time each individual product was sold, or how long it was on the shelf, as well as any number of other specific data points, is like a business superpower. And who doesn’t want superpowers, right? Even if they are just inventory management superpowers.

Faster Inventory Audits

Ok, so I know we said ‘Parsl inventory doesn’t get out of sync’ but the reality is inventory audits will always be a part of retail business, especially in the cannabis industry.

Well, Parsl has even made your inventory audits easier, and that means you can put away the clipboard and pen for good.

Our smart inventory tracking means that you know where every specific product is supposed to be in your business at any given time. So when it comes time to see if your physical inventory matches up with your online records in Parsl all you have to do is define an area of your business to be audited, scan the tags of every product in the defined area, and press submit.

It really is that simple. The Parsl app will quickly generate the list of missing products and you can choose what to do with them. 100% inventory accuracy in less than half the time.


Part of the flexibility of Parsl is the ability to set up your business inside the system the same way it already operates in real life.

‘Rooms’ is a Parsl feature that lets you define any areas of your business that you already store inventory in and move inventory through. No matter how you have set the operations of your business, using Rooms it is simple to replicate with Parsl and continue on without changing a thing.

Put simply: your business doesn’t have to adapt to the way our software works because you can adapt Parsl to the way your business is already run.


Boxes are a grouping concept within Parsl that allows you to increase efficiency while maintaining the accuracy of your inventory records.

Any container can be given a ‘Box’ tag and then have Parsl-tagged products placed inside it. After that, whenever the Box has actions performed on it, those same actions will apply to all its current contents.

Whether you want to use Boxes for inventory bins or product hampers, they are just another example of how Parsl is delivering full inventory control without sacrificing efficiency for your business.


Does your business operate over multiple different locations but share inventory? Well, fear not because the power of Parsl is still at your disposal.

Parsl allows you to add multiple Facilities into your setup and transfer products between them, while maintaining a consistent record of data.