Smarter cannabis inventory management

You could be automatically collecting all the information you need to make your business operations more efficient and effective with Parsl today.

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Want to save $1,922.66 and 200 hours a month in your cannabis business’s operations?

Pineapple Express did exactly this when they implemented Parsl (and that was just at one location!)

You could be collecting all the data you need for your compliance reporting through the everyday operations of your business.

You could be seamlessly collecting all the information you need to make your business operations more efficient and effective,

You could be using Parsl and saving time and money on your cannabis inventory management today.

100% accurate inventory, effortlessly.

Most cannabis businesses use manual counts to maintain their inventory records and compliance reports. It’s tedious and subject to human error, leading to even more time wasted on recounts, as cannabis business records need to be accurate or risk their license.

Parsl makes inventory counts easier, by tracking each item individually, eliminating simple mistakes and helping you identify where issues occur so they can be fixed.

Automatically updated compliance records

Parsl collects all your inventory data to help you run your business more efficiently so why would we make you manually update your compliance reporting? 

Parsl directly integrates with mandated state compliance reporting systems and pushes updates with all the relevant data we track, saving you the time and headache.

Better information = better business decisions

If you don’t know what you have in stock, it’s hard to make good decisions around what to put on sale before it expires, what to reorder and when, and these decisions impact your bottom line.

Parsl tracks exactly how many products you have, where every product is, and how long it’s been there for so you can make informed business decisions every time.

Smarter inventory audits

Using Parsl doesn’t eliminate the requirement of inventory counts. But it does make those counts a whole lot easier.

Just choose the room or box you’re auditing and start scanning. Parsl knows exactly which products should be there and will let you know if any are missing or if something is there that shouldn’t be.

Even if you’re interrupted midway, Parsl will hold the data until you’re ready to resume, saving you from starting all over again.

When you submit an inventory count with Parsl, you’ll get a summary of every missing or unexpected item in the count and be prompted to take the appropriate corrective actions.

5 minute set up

Setting up Parsl is quick and easy because our system adapts to your business, not the other way around.

You just need to define the Rooms, Vehicles, and Boxes where you handle inventory in your business. Once that’s done, you’re ready to start tracking.

 Onboard staff easily

A modern smartphone is all an employee needs to help track your inventory and setting up their employee account in the Parsl system takes seconds.

While we do offer hardware upgrades, they are not required to take full advantage of the Parsl system.

Itemized tracking for better insights

Every single product in Parsl has a unique ID, which means it’s impossible to accidentally count the same item twice. You’ll also know who touched it when and how long it’s been sitting on your shelves.

You’ll be able to perform bulk actions for easy inventory management and track boxes of multiple products, so having tens of thousands of products doesn’t mean sacrificing your item level insights.