Supply chain visibility

Get better insight into what happens to your products once they leave your hands.

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All your inventory insights, all in one place

Parsl gives you a comprehensive view of your inventory from the production line to the shelves of other people’s businesses.

Through data-sharing with trusted supply chain partners, you can see the history of a product from when the seed is planted all the way to when a customer purchases it, regardless of where you sit in the supply chain.

Pre-empt product shortages with automatic stock alerts

System alerts let you know when businesses are running out of stock or are taking too long to move certain products.

Give your brand the tools to ensure your products will always be on the shelves when consumers are looking for them.

Make informed decisions with live inventory insights

Any business that carries your products is able to share live stock numbers and up-to-date sales data to enable you to make intelligent business decisions, no matter where you are in the supply-chain.